Boodle For


Competition is high, margins are slim, and revenue is required to keep the machine moving. Ahhhh, the joys of business.


Achieve Sales Nirvana

The ultimate sales dream is sharing your best story with people that are ready to listen in a setting they will enjoy. Well brace yourself, boodleAI is here to enlighten.

Insights on Steroids

You have customers. They like you, heck they might even love you, and we know you want more of them. That's where we come in, instantly expand what you know about your customer's and lead's demographics, financial status, and personal motivators.


Segment & Prioritize

Communication is so much easier when you know your audience. Segment your contacts by known and predictive attributes allowing you to craft more personalized messages, prioritizing leads by likelihood, and ultimately ramping up sales.

Next-Level Engagement

But wait, there's more. Convert any of your segments into an AI-powered blood hound sniffing out existing customers and future leads with exceptional fit and affinity. Target the leads that have the highest likelihood to listen, response, and convert.


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