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Predictive Scoring and Segmentation Saves 90% of Costs in Direct Mail Test

A religious charity used boodleAI's predictive scoring to optimize the test of a new direct mail list and campaign, resulting in tremendous savings.

The Challenge

A religious charity obtained a direct mail list of 17,000 households, but was unsure about the quality or responsiveness of the list to their direct mail campaigns.

Use of Guidon by boodleAI

Using the boodleAI platform and their donor database, the nonprofit created a custom guidon to predict which direct mail recipients were most and least likely to donate. Using this guidon, the nonprofit selected the top 5% of the list and the bottom 5% of the list to receive a piece of direct mail.

The Results

The overall response rate to the direct mail campaign was lower than expected, for both the selected top and bottom 5%.  The nonprofit concluded that direct mail was not a cost-effective method of outreach to these households. The religious charity had originally intended to mail all 17,000 households to test the list and campaign. By using boodleAI's predictive scoring, the nonprofit was able to save 90% of mailing costs in its test of the direct mail list.

Features Used

  • Predictive Analytics (Custom Guidon)

Benefits Produced

  • Ability to decrease direct mail costs
  • Ability to eliminate non-cost effective means of outreach


  • Purchase of Guidon Annual License
  • Compilation of donor records
  • 10 minutes to upload data to Guidon
  • 20 minutes to create, test, and review a custom guidon
  • 20 minutes to apply instant and custom guidons to contact lists

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