Commercial Sales

Predictive Scoring Increases Sales Agent Conversions

An insurance company used boodleAI's platform to predict which prospects were most likely to close and then provided those prospects to sales agent with significant results.

The Challenge

An insurance company regularly received 15,000+ leads every month. This volume surpassed the  outreach capacity of its sales agents, and they were forced to guess on who to contact. By this method, valuable time and potential high lead prospects were being wasted.

Use of Guidon by boodleAI

Using boodleAI's platform and its database of past and current customers, the company built a custom guidon that predicted which leads were most likely to close. The company then scored each month's new leads using the custom guidon, assigned a rating of A (highest) to D (lowest) to each lead. They then distributed the scored and rated leads to its sales agents. 

The Results

The A leads closed at a significantly higher rate than B or C leads, while none of the D leads closed.

Features Used

  • Predictive Analytics (Custom Guidons)

Benefits Produced

  • Ability to create ideal custom profiles
  • Ability to increase sales conversion rates
  • Ability to save Sales Agents time and effort


  • Purchase of Guidon Annual License
  • Compilation of donor records
  • 10 minutes to upload data to Guidon
  • 10 minutes to review Personas
  • 20 min to create a Custom Guidon
  • 20 min to score current leads

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