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Predictive Scoring and Filtering Identifies Top Prospect in Minutes

A Veteran Service Organization (VSO) used the boodleAI platform to score and filter thousands of active prospects. In minutes, the platform identified the same top prospect that had taken the organization weeks to highlight manually.

The Challenge

The VSO sought to increase high end major gift donations of $10K or more. The organization's director of development wanted to focus her limited time on key individuals with the highest propensity to respond to a direct appeal for a major gift.

Use of Guidon by boodleAI

Using the boodleAI platform, the VSO created a custom guidon that predicted affinity for the organization and then scored thousands of active donor prospects.  The VSO also used an instant guidon to predict the five year giving capacity of each prospect. Finally, the VSO then applied Guidon's visualization filtering tools, selecting only those prospects that had both high affinity and capacity, a process which takes only minutes.  

The Results

The top prospect identified by boodleAI's platform as having the highest affinity and capacity was the same individual the development staff had independently identified as their top major gift donation target for the upcoming year. A manual process that took an experienced development team weeks to complete was replicated by the boodleAI platform in just minutes.

Features Used

  • Predictive Analytics (Custom Guidon)

Benefits Produced

  • Ability of organization to identify prospects with highest propensity to make a major gift donation increased
  • Significant time and costs savings


  • Purchase of Guidon Annual License
  • Compilation of donor records
  • Compilation of contact lists
  • 10 minutes to upload data to Guidon
  • 20 minutes to create, test, and review a custom guidon
  • 20 minutes to apply instant and custom guidons to contact lists

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