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Predictive Scoring and Ratings Generate $30K in Sales

A direct to consumer (DTC) business used the boodleAI platform to generate a model that predicted which existing customers are most likely to become repeat buyers.  Using this model, the business scored and filtered its entire customer database in minutes to identify the customers its sales agents should prioritize.

The Challenge

A DTC business with tens of thousands of past and current customers for its high end, high margin product relied upon a dozen sales agents to generate repeat sales.  Those agents selected current customers to reengage based on their own judgment and discretion, with varying results across agents throughout the year.  The business desired to increase conversion rates among current customers, and establish greater consistency throughout the sales team.

Use of Guidon by boodleAI

Using the boodleAI platform and its customer database, the business created multiple custom guidons that predicted which current customers were likely to become repeat, large order value, or high lifetime value customers.  The business uploaded its entire customer database for scoring, filtering, segmenting, and sorting using these custom models as well as instant guidons that predicted spending capacity, generation, and preferred method of outreach for each customer.  The business took the current customers with the highest scores overall and distributed them amongst sales agents for reengagement. 

The Results

The customers selected for reengagement generated $30K in sales over five weeks, a result that delighted the sales agents and the business overall. The sales agents also saved time by not having to filter and select their own prospects, which provided them more time for sales outreach.  The agents also reported that the additional predictions provided by boodleAI regarding spending capacity, generation, and preferred method of outreach were both accurate and confidence inspiring. 

Features Used

  • Predictive Analytics (Custom Guidons, Instant Guidons)

Benefits Produced

  • Ability of business to identify repeat customers increased
  • Confidence of sales agents increased
  • Significant time and costs savings


  • Purchase of Guidon Annual License
  • Compilation of customer records
  • 10 minutes to upload data to Guidon
  • 20 minutes to create, test, and review a custom guidon
  • 20 minutes to apply instant and custom guidons to contact lists

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