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Predictive Scoring and Filtering Simplifies Post-Event Donor Engagement

A veterans services organization (VSO) was able to quickly score and filter event attendees to identify potential major gift donors for immediate follow-up.

The Challenge

A successful VSO holds multiple well-attended events across the country every year.  The VSO sought a way to streamline and improve post-event engagement with first time attendees who had the potential to become major gift donors.

Use of Guidon by boodleAI

Using the boodleAI platform and the VSO's donor database, the nonprofit created a custom guidon to predict which event attendees would be most likely to become major gift donors.  The VSO applied this custom guidon, as well as instant guidons related to giving capacity and generation, to attendee lists immediately after events. 

The Results

Using the scored results, the VSO was quickly able to filter, segment, and sort the event attendees to identify which had the strongest affinity for the VSO and the capacity to make a major gift.  This enabled the VSO's development staff to more quickly follow-up and focus their effort on those attendees most likely to make a major gift.

Features Used

  • Predictive Analytics (Custom Guidon, Instant Guidons)

Benefits Produced

  • Ability of nonprofit to identify major gift donors increased
  • Reduction in time for follow-up with potential major gift donors post-event
  • Significant potential time and costs savings


  • Purchase of Guidon Annual License
  • Compilation of donor records
  • 10 minutes to upload data to Guidon
  • 20 minutes to create, test, and review a custom guidon
  • 20 minutes to apply instant and custom guidons to contact lists

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