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boodleAI's people-focused predictive analytics engine marries first party customer / prospect data to high fidelity third party data covering 550 fields of demographic, behavioral, and affinity attributes for 220 million American adults. It uses this combined data to build predictive models ("Guidons") for targeting, scoring, and segmenting customer populations for desired behavioral responses.

With boodleAI, you can better target relationships for:

Product / service launches
Entry into new geographic markets
Price point differentiation
And, many other use cases

Find the gold in any contact list.

Without boodleAI:
Effort, time and money are wasted on poor fit leads (black dots right) identified by traditional targeting and segmentation techniques.


With boodleAI:
Effort, time and money are optimized by focusing on the best fit leads, turning prospects into productive relationships. More revenue, more response, more insight — with far less effort and expense.


Real Results.


Largest Revenue Gain Through a Single Lead


Lift in Email Open and Click Rates


Lift in Sales Conversions


Lift in Sales Volume

“I love the technology.”

Doug MacPherson
VP of Development, HMEA

“It really focuses our marketing. We spend way too much money on marketing that isn’t effective anymore. From what I expect to generate from boodleAI, it’ll return $10 for every $1 invested.”

David Smydo
CEO, Sokolin

“Most organizations have a wealth of data available to them, but they don't have the right resources or solutions to be able to analyze the data, create insights, and put the data to use. boodleAI bridges that gap. They bring data science skillsets and technology to the table to allow Team RWB to make our data actionable.“

Dan Brostek
Chief Digital Officer, Team RWB

Our Platform

Meet Guidon by boodleAI.
Quick and Easy Predictive Analytics.

Guidon by boodleAI enables you to quickly and easily turn the data you already have into actionable intelligence you can use to improve marketing and increase B2C/DTC sales.


Guidon Turns Data into Decisions

Your data ... transformed into insights you'll use.

Fast Prospect Insights: Using a combination of algorithms and AI/machine learning, Guidon provides predictive insights into any uploaded list of names and email/mailing addresses. 

Instant Guidons: Instant predictions from your data using ready-made predictive models spanning a wide range of B2C/direct to consumer commercial use cases. 

Custom Guidons: Score and segment your leads based on their fit with your current customers using tailored predictive models. 

Commercial Solutions

Predictive Analytics Knows No Bounds.

Uncover unexpected human patterns within your data to overcome your marketing and sales challenges, including how to:

  • Predict new customers among contacts

    Find the "hidden gems" in your contact lists. 

  • Predict repeat customers among recent customers

    Determine who has fit and capacity for additional purchases.

  • Improve the ROI from direct mail campaigns

    Increase response rates and velocity.

A license for 50,000 records starts at $9,900 annually.

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