It's a Major Award

But really, there could be anything in there.


You will soon decode the boodleAI secret message

Clue by clue you will uncover the hidden message that could win you the major award! Follow the links and instructions for each clue to detect that clue’s hidden word.

Clue 1

Want to read more about Otis Fulton from Turnkey? Check out his bio, here! The first hidden word is the same as the first word in purple.

Stay focused, you can read more about his favorite drink after you win!

Clue 2

A2P’s CEO, Andy Bookless, knew how to motivate you to attend this workshop! See what everyone's talking about here. The second word of his post will surely get you to the gold!

Clue 3

OneCause has made it easy for you to learn about the best practices for virtual fundraising in this infographic! As you read the “Fixed Price Items” section, you will find the hidden word to be the fourth word in the yellow information box.

Let’s make it easier. Fill in the blank: “Raffles are subject __ stake regulations…”