Enriched Analytics for Sales, Marketing, and Fundraising Teams

boodleAI provides the analytics platform that enriches your data and generates personas, predictive insights, lead scoring/prospect screening, and prepared reports on demand. With boodleAI, any sales, marketing, or fundraising team can use their data and data science to ignite growth.

What Will Your Enriched Data Show You?

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Why Enriched Analytics

Transform Data Into Insights + Predictions

Enriched Analytics are insights and predictions made possible by matching your contact and transaction data with billions of third-party data points

Sales, marketing, and fundraising teams use enriched analytics to better understand customers and donors, analyze sales and donations, gain insights into specific contacts, and predict what contacts will do. The results: better decisions, more revenue, less wasted spend.



Contact list analysis highlighting demographics, key financial signals, and top interests providing a clear understanding of your audiences.

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Basic Predictions

Contact level predictions regarding generation, gender, education, affinity, responsiveness to direct email, email, phone, SMS or social media.

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Advanced Predictions

Contact level insights about wealth score, giving capacity, and preferred channel for outreach that you can use to optimize your campaigns.

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Custom Predictions

Generated from your own data, custom predictive models allow you to score your contact lists to find the hidden gems and optimize campaigns and outreach.

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Guidon Platform

Securely upload records for enrichment, then create segments of any contact list, filter segments based on attributes you select, and sort lists by any attribute you select.

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On-demand Contact List Enriched Analytics Report (CLEAR) delivers personas, descriptive insights, and location analytics.


boodleAI Works With the Platforms You Already Love

Easily import data to and from your CRMs, DMP, or other data platform.

What Will Your Enriched Data Show You?

Schedule a quick demo and assessment to see how enriched analytics can ignite your growth.

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