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Your customers expect direct mail to generate results year over year, regardless of the challenges involved.  BoodleAI's Enriched Analytics gives you the edge you need to provide the returns your customers demand.

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Drive Direct Mail Results with enriched Analytics

Enriched data enables you and your customer to better understand how past campaigns performed and what to improve for future campaigns. The enriched data from past campaigns can then be used to enhance your RFM models with predictive analytics that enable better personalization of mailers.  Enriched campaign data can also suggest additional personas to pursue ... and additional lists and contacts to target.


Enhance your RFM models with Predictive Analytics

boodleAI offers ready-made and custom-made predictive models to optimize direct mail campaigns for response rate, cost of acquisition, or average dollars per response.  Combined with your in-house RFM models, these models allow you to offer more return on each dollar invested by your customers.

Enriched Reports

Enriched Analytics, On Demand

Gain a clear understanding of your direct mail contact, transactional and historical campaign data in individual comprehensive reports - guaranteed to become your best tool for exponential growth.

Know Your Campaigns Like Never Before with Enriched Historical Analytics

boodleAI's proprietary Direct Mail HEAR (Historicals Enriched Analytics Report) allows you and your customer to understand how campaigns perform across 20 categories of reported and predicted audience attributes.  The HEAR also allows optimization not only against response rate, but also dollar amount of response, both immediately and over time.

EARS - Campaign Donors@2x
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Comparative Analytics Made Easy with CONTRAST

Go beyond standard analysis with boodleAI's CONTRAST report, which allows you and your customer to compare up to three audience segments, including the typical US adult population for a particular geographical area.

Find Additional Personas to Target with Enriched Donation Analytics

Using your customer's donations database, boodleAI's Donations Enriched Analytics Report (DEAR)  provides primary, secondary, and emerging personas that your customers can use as audiences for you to target with additional direct mail campaigns.

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Optimization Bundles

Enriched Analytics Made Easy

boodleAI's Optimization Packages deliver the customer personas and insights you've been looking for in a single comprehensive report. Take control of your direct mail campaings and exceed your goals with the confidence of enriched analytics.



Enriched Analytics for Everybody

No matter your needs, available resources, or data expertise, we've got a solution for you.



Start Fast for $499

Get started right away with Quick Start Packages for Optimization, Advanced Predictions, or Custom Predictions. 



Pay for What You Use

Choose usage-based billing and pay only for the features you want.  When your needs grow, boodleAI grows with you. 



Unlimited Power

Unlimited use plans allow your organization to leverage all of the potential power of enriched analytics to ignite growth.