Advanced reports will deliver more insights into your customers' lives, and give you need to know information designed to elevate future campaigns and increase revenue.


What is a SEAR?

With our Sales Enriched Analytics Report (SEAR), your sales transaction data is revamped to deliver primary, secondary, and emerging personas for your business. Gone are the days of guessing who you should target. With these reports, sales and marketing teams are able to precisely target key audiences and drive revenue with confidence. See all the SEARs available to you.

What is a DEAR?

With our Donation Enriched Analytics Report (DEAR), your donation data is transformed to provide primary, secondary, and emerging personas for your organization. My friends often leverage these reports within their fundraising and development teams to precisely target key donor segments and increase overall donations. Now, you can move forward confidently, knowing that you're focusing on the right people. See all the DEARs available to you.

What is a CONTRAST?

Our Contact Relevance and Significant Tables Report (CONTRAST), provides you with a comparative analysis that you can easily view, save, and share with internal teams. Grow with your data using comparative analytics for up to three datasets, and discover trends between your specific customer segments and the US adult population. Learn more about the possibilities with CONTRAST.