How to Add a Contact List

You got a fever for predictions? The prescription is more contacts.


A contact list is a list of people you're looking to learn more about. Simply drag or import your CSV into Guidon, map your CSV into Guidon, and upload.


1. To add a contact list, go to and sign in to your account.

2. Once you're in, you'll land on the "contacts" tab.

3. In the top right corner, click the "Add Contact List" button.

4. Drag and drop your file in the contact list CSV or excel file, or click in the white space to upload your contact list file from your computer.

5. Map the fields of your data set to make sure all of the data gets accounted for. If you have data with no field, map it as "metadata". Once completed, press continue.

NOTE: When you mark a field as metadata, it will save the information from that column in your file as-is.

6. Press "next" to move to step 2, creating your contact list.

7. Name your contact list, and click "next" to review your dataset and contact list name.

8. Lastly, review your work, and click "Enrich Contacts" and "Understood".

9. Once your contact list is ready, you'll get an e-mail directing you to the app.

And now, you're ready to use your contact list!


If you have any questions, learn more about adding contact lists here.