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AI Assistant for Event Organizing


Let an AI assistant help you identify and recruit the people you know most likely to support your event and cause.


AI-Powered Insight into Your Network

Turn your contact list into a list of people to contact. boodle connects with your social networks and uses AI to provide insights into your network.  Note: boodleAI never shares your contacts or personal information with any third party without your express authorization.  This includes the nonprofits you support. 


Receive Powerful Recommendations on Supporters in Your Network

boodle identifies the people in your network most likely to support a cause. These recommendations are then provided to you in an easy to use, intuitive interface.  Spend your time reaching out to those most likely to support, not simply those who are top of mind.


Do More in Less Time with Smart Messages

boodle custom generates highly effective suggested messages to potential supporters in seconds, helping you reach out to the people in your network with ease and confidence.  You can customize the messages for a personal touch before they are sent by you and from you.  Note: boodleAI never messages any of your contacts directly. 


Achieve Results that Make a Difference to Your Cause

boodleAI has been used by fundraisers to quickly achieve results that make a difference:
  • Within the first hour: a $500 donation prompted by an email from a Board Member
  • Within the first week: 5 new supporters and donors
  • Within the first month: A $10,000 donation prompted by a supporter email


Features of boodleAI for Individuals

Free for Fundraisers

boodleAI is free to individual fundraisers.

Data Privacy

We will never sell nor share your data or your contacts' data without explicit authorization.

Easy to Use

An intuitive user experience makes it easy to create, scale, and complete successful fundraising campaigns.


You control the message that gets sent to your contacts, as well as who to reach to and how to reach out to them.


Industry standard encryption and best practices ensure your data, fundraiser data, and donor data are secure.


As your fundraising needs change, boodleAI will grow alongside you, its algorithms improving over time.


Ready for an AI Assistant? Create a Personal Account

Create your own secure, private boodleAI account and be ready to discover new insights and engage with the people in your network with the help of an AI assistant. boodleAI is always free to boodlers like you.