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Guidon Platform

Securely upload records for enrichment, then create segments of any contact list, filter segments based on attributes you select, and sort lists by any attribute you select.  *Records include unique matched contacts and uniquely identifiable transactions. 

Basic Predictions

Contact level predictions regarding generation, gender, education, affinity, responsiveness to direct email, email, phone, SMS or social media. View example


Contact list segment analysis showing who your donors and donor segments are. 
View example

Optimization Bundles

Enriched reports packaged together to deliver the personas and insights you've been looking for all in one place.
Nonprofit Bundles | Commercial Bundles

Advanced Predictions

Contact level insights about wealth score, giving capacity, and preferred channel for outreach that you can use to optimize your campaigns and outreach.

Custom Predictions

Generated from your own data, custom predictive models allow you to score your contact lists to find the hidden gems and optimize campaigns and outreach.


Take any contact list segment and turn it into a Contact List Enriched Analytics Report (CLEAR), which delivers personas, descriptive and predictive insights, and location analytics.
Nonprofit Example | Commercial Example


Go beyond standard analysis with boodleAI's CONTRAST report, which allows you to compare up to three contact list segments, including the typical US adult population for a particular geographical area.
Nonprofit Example | Commercial Example


boodleAI's proprietary Historicals Enriched Analytics Report (HEAR) allows you and your team to understand how campaigns perform across 20 categories of reported and predicted audience attributes. The HEAR also allows optimization not only against response rate, but also dollar amount of response, both immediately and over time.
Nonprofit Example | Commercial Example


Using your sales database, boodleAI's Sales Enriched Analytics Reports (SEAR) provides primary, secondary, and emerging personas that your sales and marketing team can use as audiences to optimize your revenue efforts. View SEAR examples


Using your donations database, boodleAI's Donations Enriched Analytics Reports (DEAR)  provides primary, secondary, and emerging personas that your fundraising team can use as audiences to optimize your fundraising efforts. View DEAR examples

Prepaid Credits

Buy credits for future platform usage in advance at a 20% discount ($100 of credit sold for $80).

Data Preprocessing Services

This optional service ensures the maximum number of records are matched and usable in the platform.

Concierge Customer Success Services

This optional service puts the boodleAI data and customer success teams at your disposal to overcome your enrichment analytics challenges.

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