Pay for What You Need

Unlimited potential included.

Record Enrichment (Contacts + Transactions)
Enhance your contacts with third-party data to super-charge your insights.
$0.005 per record
Basic Reports
Gain in-depth understanding of your contacts or historical activity with CLEAR and HEAR.
$100 per report
Advanced Reports
Break down your donation or sales activity with SEAR and DEAR.
$250 per report
Optimization Bundles
Solve specific nonprofit and commercial challenges with a bundled solution.
$500 per bundle
Advanced Prediction Scoring
Score contacts by wealth, giving/spending capacity, and preferred communication channel.
$0.025 per scored record
Custom Prediction Scoring
Score contacts with your own custom predictive models.
$0.05 per scored record
Annual Platform Fee
Includes 25,000 records, basic predictions, and personas.
$350.00 per year
Add'l $0.005 per record after 25,000

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