Your Data Can Do More.
Much More.

Predictive modeling isn’t just for the big guys.

Use your own models on any marketing channel. Combat the rising costs of proprietary platforms and end the reliance on unsupported cookie tracking. Stay in control of your data to find exactly who you’re looking for and keep one step ahead of your competition.


Increase repeat sales and donations


Find more people that act like your best people


Decrease costs by only connecting with people that care


Turn transactional history into actionable trends


Predictive Analytics, Streamlined.

The Boodle Method fuses your knowledge with our expert support and data analytics engine, Guidon, to deliver insights you can action.

01. Data
It all starts with what you know.
Data is the fuel that powers your predictive analytics engine. Whether you have a limited dataset with just names and emails or an established database with years of profile information and transactional history, we will take your insights to the next level by applying hundreds of additional data points to any contact list.
02. Insights
Leave your assumptions at the door.
Uncover unexpected details, remove any inaccurate bias, and truly understand your contacts. We instantly turn your data into an in-depth persona including key demographic predictions, allowing you to remove the assumptions and focus on the details that matter.
03. Explore
Find the groups that matter.
Easily slice and dice any contact list into prioritized key groups of people by leveraging our ever growing prediction library and your own organizational data. Filter down your lists using key attributes to identify your perfect set of targets.
04. Elevate
Supercharge your best segments.
Turn what works into a repeatable and scalable process. By knowing the types of people you’re looking for, you are now prepared to take advantage of cutting-edge predictive analytics allowing you to pinpoint contacts from within any list that look like your best contacts.
05. Action
Turn your data into dollars.
Reap the rewards of your efforts with a new confidence. Take the guesswork out of your marketing efforts and move forward with intention. Support your strategic plans and get enthusiastic stakeholder buy in.

Out of This World Results

Largest Revenue Gain Though a Single Lead
Lift in Email Open and Click Rates
Lift in Sales Conversions
Lift in Sales Volume




Guidon does the heavy lifting, turning the data you have into the insights you need to get the results you’ll love.

Key Features:

Advanced Contact Enrichment

Automated Personas

Instant Predictive Insights

Extensive Prediction Library

Easy Attribute Filtering

Flexible Segmentation & Prioritization

Powerful Custom Prediction Builder


Industries In Action

Turning Data in Dollars

Uncover unexpected human patterns within these key industries to gain an unfair advantage.

Ecommerce (DTC)
Wealth Management


You’re In Good Company

“This product is so unique! It will really help our team make more educated and strategic decisions on direct mail and marketing materials.”

Emily Schlaegel

SOS Children’s Villages - USA

“Using Guidons’ filtering and segmenting tools, I was able to identify, with ease, five groups of prospects (over 500 individuals!) to target for our upcoming campaign.”

Laura Easterly

Air Force Academy Foundation

“I love the growth and capability of boodleAI. I love the courage it took to create this company. Thanks for letting me into your world.”

John Halstead, Ph.D.

Warhawk Air Museum