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How boodleAI Works for Supporters


You Choose What Social Networks to Connect.

Select the contact lists that you would like to connect with boodleAI.

Screen Import

boodleAI integrates with contacts from multiple services

boodle never shares your contacts with any third parties, including the nonprofits you fundraise for. 

You can also upload contacts from a CSV file.

boodle Analyzes Your Contacts.

Using state-of-the-art artificial intelligence and machine learning techniques, boodleAI analyzes your contacts for their likelihood to support the non-profit you are aligned with.

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boodleAI deduplicates your emails and creates a single consolidated social graph across all your contact lists.

You have the option to remove all your contacts at any time.  Your contacts always belong to you. We will never share or message your contacts without your explicit authorization. 

boodle Recommends Likely Donors.

Based on the likelihood score, your contacts will be ranked and sorted so you can easily see the most likely donor among your contacts.

screen boodle recommendations

You can quickly view the most likely donors in your network.

You can search for specific contacts or filter by likelihood to donate.

You select who you want to engage from the list of recommendations. 

Neither boodleAI nor the nonprofit ever messages your contacts without your explicit authorization.

screen boodle

You can view each recommendation's name, email, available social network profiles, and location. 

You can view each recommendation's donor giving profile.  This includes how similar they are to prior donors and why boodleAI believes they are likely to donate to the nonprofit you are fundraising for. 

You generate, personalize and send a message (with help from boodleAI).

boodleAI generates a personalized message for the recipient which you can edit to add your unique touch. Neither boodleAI nor the nonprofit you fundraise for will ever message your contacts.

screen email with message box

When you select "Smart Message", boodleAI creates a recommended email based on your guidance.  You control message tone, length, and enthusiasm. 

You can further customize each message before sending. 

Why Nonprofits and Fundraisers Trust boodleAI


Our security and privacy controls meet or exceed those of other leading nonprofit software tools.


The boodleAI pledge:
We won't ever sell or share your data and we will delete your data if you request it.

SOC 2 x

We operate according to the SOC 2 Trust Services Principles of security, availability, processing integrity, confidentiality, and privacy.

boodleAI is a patent-pending artificial intelligence assistant that helps nonprofits fix their data, find likely donors, and fundraise smarter

The future of nonprofit fundraising is human-AI teams.

boodleAI provides patent-pending artificial intelligence assistants that help nonprofits

  • enable peer-to-peer fundraisers to acquire new donors who look like the nonprofit's best donors (boodleP2P)
  • enable development staff to identify and message donors faster, better, and easier (boodlePRO)
  • fix their messy data through identity resolution (boodleFIX)
  • create look-alike models that find people who look like a nonprofit’s target audience (boodleFIND)

Add boodle to Your Fundraising Team in Minutes

Sign up now and watch as an AI assistant enables your supporters to discover and engage with new donors within minutes. boodleAI works alongside existing CRM and P2P tools.


Watch a Video Demo of boodleAI Now

Wondering how the AI in boodleAI works?  Watch our five minute demo video now to learn how boodleAI enables human-AI teams to be 100 times more effective fundraisers than nonprofits alone. 


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Create your own secure, private boodleAI account and be ready to discover new insights and engage with the people in your network with the help of an AI assistant. boodleAI is always free to boodlers like you.