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How It Works

The power of predictive analytics for nonprofits

boodleAI uses your existing first party data, enriches it with over 500 third party data points on over 220M adult Americans, then uses proprietary AI/machine learning to create a predictive model called a guidon.  Guidons can then score any other list of contacts you provide to help you acquire, grow, and retain the donors you’re looking for.


Working with the boodleAI customer
success team, you select 250+ records from your existing databases, drawn from the audience you want to target (a training dataset) and a list of internal or external records you want to prioritize or segment (a target dataset).  You then upload the first name, last name, and email address or mailing address of each record.


boodleAI matches each record to databases of 220M adult Americans, which contain over 500 data points about each person, then builds a predictive model (a guidon) from the training dataset.

boodleAI tests the guidon to verify its predictive power, then uses the guidon to score, prioritize, and segment the target dataset.


Your scored, prioritized, and segmented dataset is returned to you via online SaaS portal, managed service, or API.

The results: significant lifts in conversion, engagement, and retention rates.