Meet Guidon

The predictive analytics platform that goes beyond intent.

Combine what you know, with the predictive insights we can generate, to tell you exactly which contacts to target.


It's data science, not rocket science.

In a few steps, you can easily identify the target contact segments you've been looking for to maximize marketing, increase sales, or focus fundraising.

Enrich Your Contacts

Easily import from any CRM through a seamless file transfer or direct API access, allowing Guidon to enrich and analyze your contacts.

Append Our Predictive Models

Choose from our growing library of predictive models giving you likelihood insights such as financials, communication preferences, and affinities.

Build Your Own Predicitve Models

Here's where things get really interesting. With the right set of historical data, you can build a model that looks for your specific outcomes.

Segment & Prioritize Your Contacts

Your newly appended predictive insights give you the power to slice and dice any contact list by setting the perfect thresholds of likelihood.

Evaluate Target Audience Personas

As you manipulate each segment, its persona updates dynamically presenting demographics, financial signals, and interests on the fly.

Predictions Library

Apply our "out-of-the-box" affinity-driven predictive models to identify high-potential leads.

Explore Predictions

Enriched Reports

Use our enriched reports to understand your contacts and analyze campaign preformance.

View Reports

Predictive Ads

Deliver ads that truly convert by engaging the right people on their preferred channel.

Discover Predictive Ads