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Predictive Advertising 101

Predictive Advertising [adjective, noun]
/prəˈdiktiv/ /ˈadvərˌtīziNG/

1  : Enables advertisers to identify the most likely customers (or ICP) using a combination of data enrichment, AI modeling, and segmentation, then micro-target those people in their homes and on their devices.

2  : The future of digital advertising

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There’s no such thing as the perfect media pla...

We’re looking at you, agencies. When your client saw the last media plan that you made for them, did they say “Wow!”?

Show them something new with predictive advertising by boodleAI. You’ll love it and your client brands will love it.

Half of your ad budget is being wasted, but do you know which half? We Do.

Predictive advertising by boodleAI works better because our data is better. Cookies, IPs, and other intent markers aren’t enough. You need way more data, smart machines to crunch all that data, trained models for scoring and segmentation, and the means to target the best people.

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The first step is always the same...

We use our AI to identify ultra-focused segments of target customers. We call this your Ideal Customer Profile (ICP).

After that, there are two ways this can go down.

  1. DIY (do it yourself): Use your new ICP segments to target and drive better performance for all your campaigns on any channel. For example, we can provide targetable device IDs for all your top predicted segments. We can also provide support.

  2. DIWB (do it with boodleAI): We take your new ICPs and micro-target those folks within their household and personal devices across a variety of channels, including social and display.

Here are just a few of our predictive advertising products (aka campaign types).

Predictive Programmatic

Advanced ICP targeting optimized for maximum reach, contextual relevance, and performance.

Household Ads

Deliver omni-channel advertising campaigns to connected devices in specific households.

Device IDs

Advanced device ID targeting to your ICPs, sending ads directly to their social media apps and web browser.

Competitor Conquesting

Target customers who have recently visited one of your competitor’s locations.

Audience Rich Locations

Custom built geofences around ICP audience rich locations, specific to your brand or campaign goals.

CRM Retargeting

Model and map contacts from your existing databases and show ads to those users as they browse the web.

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Oh, and one more thing:

Agencies everywhere are using boodleAI’s predictive advertising tech to impress their clients and drive better performance across every campaign and every channel. As more ad dollars shift to digital, the cost and competition for every impression has increased –⁠ a trend that was accelerated by Covid-19. That means ROI is going in the wrong direction, and marketing agencies ought to embrace the power of prediction or risk missing the train.