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Making change in the world is hard, maintaining the resources necessary is even harder. We can help make it easier.


Experience is Everything

Why and to what level people support a cause is constantly shifting. As the world evolves, people are relentlessly bombarded with options. Stand out by presenting a curated and personalized experience—with every touch.

Fundraising is a close contact sport.
It’s about relationships, not transactions.

Jim Kopp
—SOS Children’s Villages

Know You’re Audience

Instantly uncover a wealth of new details about your audience giving you the knowledge to craft personalized messages that resonate and the insights to indicate where your prospects spend their time.


Understand Your Segments

Break down your prospects in specific groups allowing you to engage with your best prospects, ushering them through you donor stages with curated experiences via the communications methods they prefer.

Maximize Your Knowledge

Turn your keen insights into a repeatable process to target more of the right prospects that are interested in your cause and behave like your best donors.


Solved by boodle

You want to raise more money from existing donors and have limited time and resources for fundraising efforts.
boodleAI helps you identify those existing donors who are most similar to your current high value donors through personas, predictive insights, and custom models (guidons) created and tested using their own donor data.
You want to reduce the cost of direct mail campaigns, while increasing response rate and improving overall profitability.
boodleAI helps you build and test custom models (guidons) using past direct mail campaigns in order to eliminate the recipients least likely to respond and add new recipients more likely to respond.
Your giving officers have too many prospects for major gift donors and not enough time to follow up with all potential donors.
boodleAI helps your gift officers identify the “hidden gems”--potential donors with high affinity and high capacity but limited prior giving--who can become major donors.
You want to increase the effectiveness of their email campaigns to current supporters and customers/donors.
boodleAI helps you tailor your email campaigns for maximum effectiveness by providing personas, predictive insights, and identifying different audiences within an email list for specific asks or messages.
You want to increase engagement with your alumni and their families.
boodleAI helps you build and deploy custom models that identify those alumni most similar to your most valuable donors as well as those with the greatest capacity to give.
You want to increase your sales agents’ close rate, average deal size, and speed to close.
boodleAI uses your past sales data to build customers models help you find those prospects most likely to close, close fast, and close big based on their fit and affinity to your brand and similarity to your best past sales successes.

I love the growth and capability of boodleAI.

John Halstead, PH.D.
—Warhawk Air Museum

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