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AI Donor Prospecting

The Fuel for Your Fundraising Engine

Keep your donor database fresh. Easily build new custom prospect lists that include people with a high affinity for your cause and the signals to give like your best donors.

Fundraising Segments

Not All Donors are Created Equal

Focus your fundraising. Seamlessly filter and group your prospects with over 100 of our enhanced donor attributes such as communication preference, giving capacity, personal interests, and advanced demographics.


Giving Intelligence

Know What Moves Your Audience

Craft the perfect ask. Instantly reveal valuable prospect insights including demographics, financial signals, and top interests to guide your personalized outreach.

What would you do with 1,000 free donor prospects?

It's your lucky day. We are delivering new donor prospects to nonprofits monthly. Join the waitlist to get yours.

Top AI Fundraising Strategies

Gain an unfair fundraising advantage by engaging the right people, in the right way, with the right ask.

Quickly identify people likely to give a major gift within any prospect list.

AI is no longer a novelty, it's a necessity.

Learn more about AI fundraising strategies.

The boodle Impact

Your Success is Our Mission


"boodleAI makes me smarter."

Jim Kopp
SOS Children’s Villages, USA

When you actually start using [boodleAI’s Platform], you are like ‘Wow, this is really easy to use.’ I was able to get everything that I needed from it in less than a day… It is so intuitive.

Kyle Gardner, Director of Direct Response
Charity Navigator

Using Guidons’ filtering and segmenting tools, I was able to identify, with ease, five groups of prospects (over 500 individuals!) to target for our upcoming campaign.

Laura Easterly, Data Analytics and Reporting Specialist
Air Force Academy Foundation

Micro Campaigns, Huge Results

A prospect list is only as good as the action you take. Unlock the power of predictive advertising with our ultra-targeted Facebook and Display Ads.


Micro Campaign

Total Raised


In 3 weeks

Total Donors





Conversion Rate

(12.7x ROI)


Charitable Agency
Micro Campaign

Total Raised


In 3 weeks

Total Donors





Conversion Rate

(2.8x ROI)


Children's Cause
Micro Campaign

Total Raised


In 3 weeks

Total Donors





Conversion Rate

(2.6x ROI)

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