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Ramp up your fundraising with in-depth donor personas, emerging donation opportunities, and demographic and financial prospect scoring.

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How Nonprofits Make a Difference with boodle.

Discover the Right New Donors

Attract the attention of the right donors with in-depth demographics and affinities.

Increase Retention & Repeat Donations

Increase the number of repeat donors within your community by tapping into the trends that matter most.

Identify Potential High Value Donors

Increase your major gifts and attract more high value donors by uncovering their behaviors and preferences.

Locate New Markets with Ideal Prospects

Target top and emerging zip codes and DMAs that look like your best donor markets.

Perfect Fundraising Strategies

Target your best donors by discovering what makes your most responsive and highest margin donors tick.

Maximize Campaign Strategies

Increase the effectiveness and ROI of your campaigns by analyzing historical results.


boodleAI makes me smarter.

Jim Kopp
SOS Children’s Villages, USA

When you actually start using [boodleAI’s Platform], you are like ‘Wow, this is really easy to use.’ I was able to get everything that I needed from it in less than a day… It is so intuitive.

Kyle Gardner, Director of Direct Response
Charity Navigator

Using Guidons’ filtering and segmenting tools, I was able to identify, with ease, five groups of prospects (over 500 individuals!) to target for our upcoming campaign.

Laura Easterly, Data Analytics and Reporting Specialist
Air Force Academy Foundation

The boodle solutions that will take your nonprofit to the next level.


Impactful Analytics Start with Rich Data

Powered by boodleAI's proprietary donor matching and enrichment engine, nonprofits can now connect any donor or prospect list to their real world identity with 2-3X the fidelity of other engines.

Drawing upon multiple databases of all 220 million adult Americans, boodleAI can enrich each contact record with up to 1,200 additional data points.



Enriched Analytics, On Demand

Gain a clear understanding of your contact, transaction, and historical data in individual comprehensive reports - guaranteed to become your best tool for exponential growth.


Advanced Predictions with Wealth Scoring & More

Advanced predictions provide you donor and prospect level insights about wealth score, giving capacity, and preferred channel for outreach that you can use to optimize your giving campaigns and major gift efforts.



Unlock the Power of Your Own Best Donor Detector

Generated from your own data, custom predictive models allow you to score your donors and prospects to find the hidden gems already in your contact lists.


Guidon: Your Enriched Analytics Command Center

Centralize your enriched analytics and data workflow. With Guidon, easily enrich contacts and prospects, request enriched reports, and seamlessly segment and prioritize your scored donor segments.