Optimization Bundles

It's finally simple to achieve your goals.

boodleAI's Optimization Bundles deliver the customer personas and insights you've been looking for in a single comprehensive report. Take control of your strategic decision making and exceed your goals with the confidence of enriched analytics.

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Attract the Clients You've Been Longing For

Increase awareness and attract the attention of prospective customers by knowing the demographics and affinities of your current customers. Receive a detailed report containing:

  • Personas of current customers
  • Personas, insights, and analytics for new, fastest new, and emerging customers

From there, you are equipped to target prospective customers who are most likely to convert to loyal clients. 

Starting with your current customers and sales data, boodleAI delivers a bundle including your personalized Customer CLEAR, New Customer SEAR, Fastest New Customer SEAR, and Emerging Customer SEAR.  



Encourage Repeat Purchases with Confidence

Increase the number of repeat clients within your community by tapping into the trends that matter most to your business. Unveil key customer insights like:

  • The personas of current customers
  • The personas, insights, and analytics for your repeat, fastest repeat, and emerging repeat customers

Take your next steps confidently and attract your audience with targeted messaging designed to encourage your best customers to visit you over and over again.

With your current customer and sales data in hand, boodleAI will deliver a personalized report bundle including a Customer CLEAR, a Repeat Customer SEAR, and a Fastest Repeat Customer SEAR designed to take you to the next level.  

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Drive Sales with Your Hottest Products Yet

Increase the frequency of top purchases and attract more clients by uncovering their behaviors and preferences. Explore the areas of interest that are most important to your strategy including:

  • The personas of current customers
  • The personas, insights, and analytics for buyers of top and emerging products

Increase sales by strategically attracting your most devout customers with your optimized product offerings.

Starting with your current customer and sales data, boodleAI delivers a personalized report bundle that is geared to give you a lift in your return. The package includes a Customer CLEAR, Top Purchases SEAR, Emerging Purchases SEAR, and Top Purchase Combos SEAR


Locate Clients Near and Far

Increase sales from top and emerging Zip Codes and DMAs that look like your most loyal customers' locations by uncovering the location information for your new, repeat and emerging client personas. Discover what matters most for your cause by revealing: 

  • The personas of current customers
  • The personas, insights, and analytics for the buyers in your top and emerging locations

Equipped with a new found confidence in your outreach methodologies, make your next move and target the audience with an affinity for your products and services.

Using your current customer and sales data, boodleAI will deliver a personalized report bundle including a customized Customer CLEAR, Top Locations SEAR, and Emerging Locations SEAR. - equipping you with tools to guide you to your most desired outcome.  

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Sales & Marketing Strategy Optimization BUndle

Achieve the Remarkable with Your Sales & Marketing Strategies

Target your top AOV and highest margin customers who possess the predicted ability and interest to respond to your next sales and marketing campaign. Optimize your strategy with tools created to encourage growth like: 

  • The personas of current customer
  • The personas, insights, and analytics for top AOV and high margin customers, along with clients most responsive to your top campaigns

Achieve greater results with a more complete understanding of your best clients' most prominent characteristics.

Equipped with your current customer and sales data, boodleAI delivers a customized report bundle including a Customer CLEAR, Top Method Acquisition SEAR, High AOV Customer SEAR, and High Margin Customer SEAR.


Do More with Your Future Campaigns

Increase the effectiveness and ROI of your future campaigns by using your historical campaign data to define your positive respondents most defined attributes. Improve your future by using your past to define your path with details like: 

  • The personas of your current customers
  • Insights, and analytics for past campaigns, including the comparison of personas across 20+ attributes

Focus on the most important characteristics and predicted identities as your strategize your next campaign with more intention.

Equipped with your current customer, sales and campaign data, boodleAI curates a personalized report bundle enabling you to make your next move the right one. The package includes a Customer CLEAR, a Campaign HEAR, and a Campaign CONTRAST.


What will your enriched data show you?

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