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Introduction to Getting Started with BoodleBox

This is a quick introduction by our CEO and CoFounder about how to get started with BoodleBox.

The Boodle Way

In today’s rapidly evolving world of Generative AI (GenAI), it’s crucial to have a structured approach to harness its full potential. The BOODLE Way is…

Begin with the Right Use Cases

Generative AI can be applied to a wide range of use cases across various industries. These are 12 key areas where GenAI can be particularly helpful.

What you can do with BoodleBox

Unleash the Power of AI with BoodleBox: Collaborate, Create, and Explore with AI Assistants, Shared Knowledge, and More

The FOMO Framework

The FOMO (Familiarize, Observe, Mentor, Opportunities) Framework provides a collaborative learning method

Quick Tour

Take a Whirlwind Tour of BoodleBox’s AI-Powered Features From Collaborative Chats to Public Feeds

BoodleBox Exchanges

Overview The Chat Bar is your BoodleBox Swiss army knife. From here you can view the bot list, select bots, search for bots, get bot…

Master BoodleBox in 12 Prompts

With BoodleBox, there’s no need for prompt engineering. When you select an an AI Helper, the Bot will prompt you to produce the result you…

Start Group Chats with Anyone

GroupChats enable multiple people, multiple sources of knowledge, and multiple GenAI bots to work together in a single conversation.

Your Generative AI Coaches

Boodle Box offers a unique multi-bot experience where over 800 specialized bots work together with you to tackle any topic or task.

Integrate your Knowledge

Adding your knowledge to a chat is a powerful way to get personalized responses from bots. Turn generic bots into personal assistants.

Knowledge Preference Template

This template will help you maximize BoodleBox knowledge with your personal preferences, communication style, and professional history.

BoodleBox Boxes

Boxes in BoodleBox are a way to save, organize, manage, and even collaborate on boodles within the BoodleBox platform.

Exploring the Public Feed

Explore brings you to the Public Feed where you can see, share, and discover how others are using BoodleBox.

Customizing Your Profile

Your user profile on BoodleBox is your personal hub on the platform. It helps you stay organized and connected on BoodleBox.

Teams on BoodleBox

BoodleBox is the simplest and most secure platform for group collaboration with GenAI providers and hundreds of specialty bots.

Why use BoodleBox instead of ChatGPT?

While ChatGPT is powerful for chatting with AI and has a team version, BoodleBox was purpose-built for team collaboration and cooperation. ChatGPT Teams BoodleBox Expects…

Subscription Settings

Learn more about how to view or edit your BoodleBox plan and billing information.

BoodleBox Word Usage

Learn more about your word usage with BoodleBox.

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