boodleAI is a P2P platform that enables nonprofit fundraisers to easily identify, recruit, and engage donors from their social networks in a manner that keeps the data secure and proprietary.

The intelligent P2P platform allows fundraisers to engage social and rolodex contacts on a personalized level that is proven to yield better results. Using consumer historical data, our proprietary algorithms provide recommendations of individuals who share an affinity for a fundraiser’s cause. With one click, personalized messaging is developed that is tailored for the recipient. The result is fast and efficient fundraising that reaches donors who have an affinity for the charity but would have otherwise gone unnoticed.

Once a fundraiser registers with boodleAI...


Integrate Social Networks

Select the contact lists that you would like to connect with boodleAI.


Review boodleAI’s Suggested Prospects

boodleAI provides matches for potential donation requests based on the nonprofit you are aligned with and your social connections..


Generate, Personalize, And Send Message

Have boodleAI generate a personalized message for the recipient which you can edit to add your unique touch.


Watch Donations Roll In

boodleAI's simple user-friendly dashboards allow you to track your progress towards meeting fundraising goals.