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Humans and AI working in harmony

Boost sales and productivity

Presentations done in hours

Call notes summarized in minutes

100% personalized experiences

Researching prospects in minutes

67 outbound emails in 10 minutes

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Scale impact with powerful collaboration

Social posts created in minutes

100% personalized experiences

SEO-optimized content done in minutes

Brainstorming ideas in seconds

High-preforming campaigns created in hours

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Fundraise smarter for a greater impact

Grant proposal done in an hour

Donor data analyzed in minutes

100% personalized experiences

Researching donors in minutes

Idea brainstorming in seconds

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Why people choose BoodleBox

Your AI coworking space

See what sets BoodleBox apart and why we are dedicated to the 'boodle difference'.

Create & collaborate effortlessly

Create & collaborate effortlessly

Chat with AI coworkers and share any creation in your collaborative workspace. Allow team members to continue the conversation seamlessly.

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Automate tasks & workflows

Automate tasks & workflows

Automate tasks, workflows, and more based on a set schedule or trigger to get more done each day.

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Connect with the essentials

Connect with the essentials

Connect your AI coworkers with your essential docs and APIs to achieve even greater results.

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Privacy first, all the time

Privacy first, all the time

Your prompts and data are never used to develop or improve any artificial intelligence models. You always have control over the data you provide to models and APIs.

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AI helpers for any task, anytime, anywhere

Don't know who to call? Just start typing and BoodleBox will recommend the best AI for the job.