Customer Success Stories

You're In Good Company

SOS Children's Villages USA

"Our success must be predicated upon what we know about our prospective donors so that we can create a curated and custom journey for our donors. What boodleAI enables us to do is: we can apply their platform to specific segments of our donor universe, and it provides intelligence. We are able to take the lessons learned and the data gleaned from those profiles to create those very customized journeys. And, their client service model is exceptional. More importantly, they're not just responsive, they're making me smarter."

James Kopp
VP for Development and Communications


Scout Ventures

"I'd say probably the most compelling reason to work with boodleAI is really to be able to process third-party data at scale, and compare [it] with your own customer data to inform the direction of your marketing campaigns. We haven’t shown boodleAI to anybody that hasn’t had an ‘Aha!’ moment. It doesn’t cost too much. It’s easy to see the ROI on the investment. And you’re going to get the type of quality service and interactions from the team at boodleAI that also make it even more valuable than it would be on its own."

Brad Harrison
Founder & Managing Partner

A2 Partners

"We wouldn't put boodleAI at the heart of our process if we didn't have confidence that it was going to make us look good in front of our clients. And that's exactly what they do every single time. We say that boodleAI is our Intel Inside, kind of secret chip, that we use to understand any client's audience. As long as boodleAI is at the heart of how we make those decisions, we have a level of confidence that we're going to get a better return on investment for our clients. So, it has been a game changer for A2P to be working with boodleAI."

Andy Bookless