Kristy Kauffman

Kristina Kaufmann

Chief Executive Officer, Code of Support Foundation

As a small nonprofit that lacks the financial resources to procure expensive prospecting tools or development staff, boodleAI provides us with the fundraising capabilities of a large nonprofit minus the expensive price tag when it comes to acquiring new donors. I have been fortunate to always have a strong and supportive Board that have between them amazing networks. boodleAI proved a powerful resource for some of my board members allowing Code of Support Foundation to not only obtain a new donor within one hour of the first use but also obtain a $10,000 donation within a month.

The tool has paid for itself several times over in the first month.

james williams

James Williams

Former CEO and President, Easter Seals Foundation

I have spent decades fundraising using all of the traditional techniques. However, the networks of our Board members, volunteers, supporters, and donors were rarely available to us. With boodleAI, and its platform, those same people now have a tool that allows them to share our mission and accomplishments in a personalized message while maintaining the confidentiality of their relationships. Rather than a mass email or social media blast, through its new innovative technology, boodleAI allows any organization the ability to acquire new lifetime donors quickly, efficiently, and inexpensively.

In my opinion, this tool is invaluable to all non-profits as philanthropy moves in new and exciting directions.

alan Salisbury

MG(R) Alan Salisbury

Chairman Code of Support Foundation

I sat down to use the platform for the first time and within ten minutes had a list of over ten names that were likely donors to my organization with valid reasons as to why they might have an affinity for Code of Support Foundation. I sent all ten emails and in less than an hour had a response from one saying he would donate and within a week had a $500 check from him.

With no upfront costs except the small amount of time I invested logging in and personalizing the emails that the system drafted for me, the ROI is infinite for us.



Lou Lowenkron

Former Board Chairman and CEO of A&W Brands, Inc.
Former President and CEO of G. Heileman Brewing Company

As a corporate executive my networks have always been private and are my livelihood. While I have always endeavored to be generous in my philanthropic efforts, the one thing I would never hand over to a philanthropy would be my contacts. However, with my busy schedule, I have little time to determine who else in my network might be interested in the work I have done over the years with Easters Seals.

A tool like boodleAI keeps my contacts secure and private from Easter Seals but allows me to dedicate 30 minutes a month to send out personal notes to friends I did not even realize shared an affinity with the Easter Seals mission without risking outreach to professional contacts I would not be comfortable asking.


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