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The Holy Grail of P2P Fundraising- Acquisition I Turnkey Webinar

July 30, 2019

Can P2P fundraising help with donor acquisition? See how better data and AI empower your fundraisers to do exactly that!

boodleAI’s COO, Eric Okimoto, was invited to be a panelist for Turnkey P2P’s acquisition webinar hosted by  Katrina Van Huss, CEO of TurnkeyP2P, alongside: Megan Rouse, Turnkey strategist. boodleAI consultant, and avid peer to peer fundraiser; Amin Tehrani, Managing Director of Revunami; Jeremy Berman, Founder of GoodUnited; Don Moro, Business Development Manager of CommonThread.

If you’d like to watch the discussion on acquisition in fundraising, watch the webinar here.

Video: boodleAI partners with FullContact and shares how their clients use customer data insights

March 12, 2019

boodleAI, an intelligent, easy, and personalized peer–to–peer fundraising platform, uses identity resolution and audience insights from FullContact to help clients tap their networks to raise money for their favorite missions.

Video: Data Privacy and boodleAI

March 10, 2019


Video: Getting Started with boodleAI

March 10, 2019


Video: How boodleAI Works for Nonprofits

February 18, 2019


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