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OG - DM – 5

Speaker(s): Shawn Olds and Laura Easterly

Details: Friday, June 4, 2021 at 12:00PM ET

Topic: Data is your most valuable resource, however most organizations are just scratching the surface of their data's potential. We will explore how to transform the data you have today into the insights that will guide your success tomorrow.

Learn how to take advantage of one of the most exciting new intelligence tactics, Enriched Analytics. With new breakthroughs in data science, you can finally reap the benefits of advanced descriptive and predictive insights which were previously unavailable to most organizations.

Join Shawn Olds, CEO of boodleAI, as he takes you on the journey of optimizing your fundraising campaign, being intentional with your messaging, and meeting your donors where they are. Enjoy “story time” as he tells the tales of nonprofit organizations like yours who have embraced the power of their data and achieved incredible results.

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