Pro Tips Without the Pro Fees

As part of boodleAI’s 5-4-3-2-1 Pledge, we will be offering four free workshops throughout 2021 gifting resources from industry experts.

Going Beyond the Webinar

Tues. March 23 @ 10 AM PST / 1 PM EST

Yes, this is another free virtual event, but WARNING! This is NOT your typical sales-driven, broad-concept, “webinar”...

Be prepared to roll up your sleeves, leave your “can’ts” at the door, and be ready to implement real-world pro tactics driving your organization to communicate and convert more effectively.

Join boodleAI as we host this practical workshop, led by industry experts, exploring modern communication techniques, getting us all closer to our goals.

Register Now. Seats Limited.

Just the Facts: Workshop Details

Who's dropping knowledge?

Andy Bookless

Strategically-minded and tactically-driven, Andy uses advanced communication and analytics techniques to deliver industry-beating digital advertising campaigns.


Kate Bullard
Account Executive, Turnkey

Change agent and problem finder, Kate is one of those annoyingly persistent teammates focused on human behavior and root cause analytics to drive any initiative to the next-level.


Mike Alonzo
VP of Experience, boodleAI

Champion of honesty, transparency, and candor, Mike is a multifaceted experience architect with a talent for exceeding audience expectations through memorable storytelling.


Why is this workshop different?

Because it come from the heart. No really. Our history is deeply rooted in charitable giving and as part of our 5-4-3-2-1 pledge, we are committed to giving in every way we can. With the support of like-minded partners, we will share our tips and tricks to get proven results.

If I miss this workshop, will a recording be released after?

Yes. We will release a post event recap video, however there may be a few goodies only available to live attendees.

How often do you plan on hosting a workshop?

We are committed to doing at least one workshop per quarter. If you have any ideas for upcoming events or want to share your knowledge, let our experience champion know at [email protected]